🌎 The Bigger Picture

We founded A.I. For Anyone with the intention of creating a more equitable future for everyone. We understand that artificial intelligence will undoubtedly be the most divisive technology ever created and there is currently an unprecedented gap in knowledge between the creators and users of this technology. The majority of users (virtually everyone) know next to nothing about the most promising tool in human history.

To us, this is nothing short of a travesty. We think it is up to the tech leaders, creators, and designers to ensure that no one is left behind in this technological revolution. We all have a stake in the future that AI will inescapably shape and it is our hope and goal here at A.I. For Anyone, that we all have a voice and a say in what this future looks like. Moving forward, we hope that we have given you the tools and understanding that you need in order to be a part of the conversation.

The future is and always will be the result of teamwork, so let's all work together to make sure that AI is a reflection of all the best things that make us human.


The A.I. For Anyone team thanks the following individuals and organizations for helping make the Teach AI To Anyone Toolkit a reality:

  • Peter Brooks — Stuyvesant High School
  • Barron Webster — Teachable Machine, Google
  • Brandon Leshchinskiy — MIT
  • Blakeley H. Payne — MIT Media Lab
  • Martina Choi — Beacon High School
  • The teachers that have invited us to deliver our workshop
  • Our wonderful volunteers